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CF Week 2019

Thank you for joining us for CF Week 2018! CF Week 2019 will take place from 17-23 June, with Wear Yellow Day on Friday 21 June.

A week is a long time in cystic fibrosis

Hand drawn image of a clockLast CF Week we met Michelle, Chloe, Amy and Dom, who all have cystic fibrosis (CF) and their own unique perspectives on the time that their conditions take away (or in some cases, give back!) every day.

You can also find out what we're doing to take time back for people with CF and their families, from funding ground-breaking genetic research to discover alternative chloride channels and thin the mucus in the lungs, to creating a whole stack of resources for people with CF who are leaving school and wondering what to do next.

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Find out more about the biggest fundraising event in our calendar: Wear Yellow Day! Next year's event takes place on Friday 21 June.

Find out how you can get your office, school or friends and family involved in your very own yellow event by visiting our Wear Yellow Day page.

Haven't had your fundraising fix? Take a look at our 101 fundraising ideas for summer and beyond!

Meet Michelle...

Hear from Michelle about what being a parent of a child with CF is really like, how it felt when her daughter was diagnosed and what her hopes are for the future.

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Meet Chloe...

Chloe tells us about the valuable lesson she learnt at university, and what she thinks is the most time-consuming part of having cystic fibrosis.

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Meet Amy...

Hear from Amy how the support and understanding of her employers helps her to stay healthy, and why she wants to keep her independence.

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Meet Dom...

Dom received his life-saving lung transplant four years ago. Hear how his life has changed and whose support was vital to him receiving the benefits he deserved.

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