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Five reasons to sign up to Great Strides Peak District

Read on for details of the tastiest treat the Peaks have to offer and how you can view one of the top ten panoramas in the UK on this incredible trek.

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1. Mam Tor 

You may think we’re being a bit savage including Derbyshire’s highest peak in this route, especially right at the start, but hear us out. Firstly, we couldn’t get you all so close to the magnificence of Mam Tor without allowing you to experience it fully. That’s like dangling an untouched salted caramel brownie in front of you but saying you can only sniff it. It’s just plain old cruel. Standing at 517m, this summit gives stunning views over Edale, Hope Valley and even the edge of Kinder Scout. It has been ranked in the top ten panoramas in the UK for decades. And we wouldn’t want you missing out on that.

2. Chatsworth House

Voted the nation’s favourite stately home and visited by 650,000 people this year alone, this impressive estate sits on 12,310 acres of gardens and woodland and is home to hundreds of red and fallow deer that can regularly been seen grazing at the side of the path. Chatsworth has appeared hundreds of times on the small and silver screen, most recently in series two of Peaky Blinders.

3. Bakewell Pudding 

Cherries, almonds, flaky pastry – this delicious pie originated in the picturesque town of (you guessed it) Bakewell, which you’ll be passing on your route. You might even be able to convince your kindly support driver to pick you up a slice on their way to the next check point!

4. Celebrities 

Derbyshire is a hotbed of creative talent. Step outside anywhere in the Peaks and you run the risk of tripping over a familiar face. Vivienne Westwood, Tess Daly, Jason Statham and Angelina Jolie’s protégée Jack o’ Connell all hail from the Shire.

5. Finally... 

If you need any further persuasion…

An photo of the Peak District 

Great Strides Peak District takes place on 13 June 2020 - find out more about how you can take part, or choose from three more Great Strides events.

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