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Schools fundraising

Putting the "fun" in fundraising!

Getting your school involved in fundraising can be great fun. Whether you're bouncing, baking or taking part in a sponsored event, we'll be here to support you every step of the way.

There are lots of ways to get involved so check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas, and our fundraising guides for primary and secondary schools to get started!

If you are fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in your class or school, you might want to find more information about cystic fibrosis.

  • You can use our friends Oli and Nush as an educational resource. Getting Nosey about CF with Oli and Nushis a cartoon aimed at children with CF aged four to eight, to help answer some of the questions they may have about the condition.
  • Or take a look at The A to Z of cystic fibrosis, where children in primary school explain what CF means to them, from A to Z!

We'd love to hear what you're getting up to - to get in touch, contact our Events team by emailing or on 020 3795 2176.

Watch the fantastic video by BBC Teach to get an insight to what living with cystic fibrosis is like for a 12-year-old boy named Jasper.

An animated documentary about living with cystic fibrosis, using powerful first-person testimony from a child living with it. This series is designed to prompt discussion and improve understanding around people suffering chronic illness.

Warning: Contains some scenes that some viewers may find upsetting.

Pre-school and primary school

Take a look at our pre-school and primary school pack for more information on school and cystic fibrosis.

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Secondary school

Explore our new secondary school pack for information on making the big transition and information for teachers and schools.

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Higher education

Cystic fibrosis doesn't have to stand in the way of further education, but it does require careful thought. Take a look at our resources and tips.